I've been trying to get into playing guitar for a really long time, and I just haven't been able to do it. I've owned a guitar for about a decade, I've taken lessons twice with two different teachers, and I just can't get into it. I'm at a point where I am way past what you usually see in "basics" lessons (tuning, holding a pick, simple exercises, etc.). I can play fairly well in terms of learning other people's music, I know how to deconstruct and tab out a song, I understand the basics of theory, but there's just a gap that I can't bridge between what I want to be able to play and where I'm currently at.

Both times I took lessons, about 95% of the time we ended up just sitting around trying to tab out songs. The other 5% was spent on theory. My first teacher spent a lot of time on theory, and I don't remember much from it. My second tried getting me to play classic rock type stuff as a means of learning scales and improvising, but because I'm not really that interested in music like Johnny B Good I just wasn't really having much fun with it.

I listen to a lot of metal, hardcore, fast stuff. Some of my favorite bands (that include guitar) are At The Gates, Converge, Coffinworm, Isis, Be'lakor, HORSE The Band, Russian Circles, Daughters, Burzum, Ahab.

I want to be able to make music in this vein, but of course there's a big gulf between that and where I'm at now, and to cross it I would need to learn and internalize a lot of theory, scales, improvisation, etc. And I just don't know how to do that without being bored by it. I've tabbed out stuff by the above bands and used to really enjoy doing that, and putting the song on and playing with it, but I never really got past that point.

I think there's just this hump I need to get over of basic scales/theory/improvisational techniques before I really find it fun, but I've never been able to do it and every music teacher I've had pretty much tries to get me to do it in ways that they enjoy it (jazz, classic rock) that I'm just frankly not that interested in.

What do I do? Suck it up? Stop being a crybaby and just commit an hour a day for a month and see how far I get? Just keep tabbing stuff out, deconstructing songs that I like and try to improvise around it? How can I get from where I'm at to being able to actually play and make my own music?
I think the first thing you need to do is stop looking at guitar as learning guitar, and start looking at it as learning music. What you have to realize is that the guitar is just a tool used in music, and on top of that, it is only a piece of it, not all of it. Look at music as music and try to understand that and where the guitar comes in. In other words, change your perspective.

After you have that established, you have to realize that music is, to a strong degree, subjective. So what you have to do is explore music and find music that really speaks to you and that you really like. Music has been around for a long time so there should be no shortage of bands that appeal to you.

Once you've found musicians that interest and appeal to you, from there you can start learning what you want to do with the music that you want to create and play. Learn the songs of those musicians and try to understand the structure and see what they are doing with the music. Find reasons why you like it, what aspects of the music appeal to you. If there's a riff that really catches your ear, learn it, break it down and really try to understand what is happening.

I think the main thing seems to be holding you back, from what you typed, is that your perspective seems a little limited. You're focusing too hard on one aspect of music, when really, music is a whole thing, as in, it's a bigger picture. Music is a simply a tool and a guitar is just a small part of it.