So I've been jamming away on my ESP EC1000 with EMG 81 (Bridge) / 60 (Neck) active pick ups for a few years now. Everything has been perfect up until now. One day I woke up to do my best attempt at a solo and realized that I had no sound when i switched to the neck pup. HOWEVER, if I hit the strings a little harder than normal for a few seconds, the sound comes roaring back full volume like it was building up and broke past a wall or something. The last part is what's keeping me from rooting around inside with the wires more than I have.. I'm worried that soon I'll lose all sound completely, but right now it just takes a little coaxing to get the sound to come back. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Open it up and look for loose connections. If it's the quick connect system you may need to do a little wiggling, or pull something off and reattach it back into place. If it's a solder job then you may need to resolder some joints. If you don't know what you're doing either way take it to a guitar shop where they'll have a tech.
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Change your battery. EMG's start doing all kinds of strange things when the battery is low.
^ Exactly, first thing to look at
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