Hello everyone!

I was wondering if epiphone makes a riviera like the one Noel played in The Definately Maybe days (live by the sea, specifically) I saw that they make a guitar called the
Black Dot Royale, which is just an es-335 with a white riviera style pick guard. Although it comes close to the look of his riviera it's not the deep wine red, almost brown color and it had this very ugly sparkle binding around the body and neck... Here's a link:

[forbidden link]

Maybe I could purchase an Ebony es-335 and switch out the pick guard lol
But I am planning on saving up for a Sheraton II which is what he used during the "Be Here Now" era. I have read that this is an incredibly good guitar that rivals even Gibson ES-335's. it's a beautiful guitar, take a look:

[forbidden link]

At the moment I only have a Squier strat which I've had for 5 years now as my only electric and I really can get Noel's tone on it. I really need that rich, Fat, humbucker tone.

thanks for any advice and greetings from Miami, USA!

PS I'm on a budget, nothing more than $600

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I'm in the same boat mate, had the same guitar as you for a fair few years now and want to move on up. What did you get in the end, and how is it?
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