I'm selling both my guitars was given to me i don't have much use for them taking offers on them both
Greatest ad ever. So much detail. You literally included every piece of information that could have possibly been asked. So much, that one cannot even come up with a legitimate question, because you ad answers ALL. I'm not even looking to buy a new guitar, but this ad is so great, I'm ready to buy both for more than you are asking. No pictures needed either. With such a detailed ad, one need not see these guitars. One simply does not post such a spectacular ad. I hope you keep posting after you sell them. The board won't be the same without you.
Dont buy the air guitars...

also reported
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Carrot please,
Youv obviously been online (not meaning to be rude at all sorry) its just ive got a festival next week and as much fun as it is to spend all my cash there id rather just have that guitar but ive got 350 cash sat here waiting for you to reply.

I completly understand if you have changed your mind but please let me knoew eithier way because hanging on waiting for you to reply is killing me. the cash is burning a hole in my pocket.
If you do not want to sell it anymore thats cool but please just give me a yes or no answer.

P.S. Im fully prepared to travel to wolves to get it.

please get in touch

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