Hi guys,

I'm pretty much new to the whole recording at home thing and could really use some advice, I've recently bought Logic pro X for home recording and for University work, However my question is, I'm going to invest in the Line 6 POD HD500 for all my tones etc for recording now can i just use this? Or will i need an audio interface too as I was thinking of buying the Line 6 Pod Studio GX to accommodate this.

For example can i go... Guitar>POD>DAW>Laptop
Or would I need... Guitar>POD>AI>DAW>Laptop

Sorry for this being a very beginners question but that is unfortunately what I am to home Recording!

Many thanks in advance!
I understand what the DAW is, that's not what i'm asking for help with, i just put that in there to show that i am using one, i guess i may have confused people with putting 'laptop' on the end too but thats not the issue it's more getting the guitar to the laptop i'm interested in learning.
Tank94, I'm really curious to see what kind of answers you'll get here. I am not completely new to the world of recording, but I am still looking for the "right" way to do all this. This is probably not really of help to you, but just in case: I produce tons of guitar tutorials for my website. I record the audio separate from the video. My microphone is an Audio-Technica AT2020 USB and I am extremely satisfied with it. It goes straight into my laptop where I record with Mixcraft.
Just recently I got myself a behringer Guitar/USB interface, but I still haven't gotten around to test it.