So I have 2 different Schecter models. One of them is a C-1 FR and the other is a Hellraiser C-1 FR. I originally wanted to replace my hardware in my Hellraiser with black. (That was before I ordered a left handed one , hopefully if I send it back they will send me a RH one or give me my money back) Then with the leftover black chrome OFR, knobs, and nut... Plug it in my regular C-1 FR. Well, the luthier had everything taken apart just to see if the shit would fit in my C-1 FR. Come to find out that the OFR off my Hellraiser was too big for the cavity... The nut didn't fit either. Anyone know why they wouldnt keep the same measurements? It makes upgrading a bitch.

Now a different problem, I called Schecter asking for the right Nut measurement for my Hellrasier. After 2-3 days I finally got to talk to someone. I told him I knew that the wiring diagram had the width at nut was 42mm, but Schaller only makes 41.3 and 43.8mm. He told me that 41.3 would be fine since the 42 includes the wood. So I ordered the 41.3, and it did not fit. Can anyone explain?
The C-1 FR comes with a FR Special, while the Hellraiser comes with a FR 1000 series trem. The difference here is that the 1000 series is slightly higher quality in terms of materials used. The Special, 1000 series, and OFR are all supposed to be dimensionally identical and interchangeable, as they are all built by Floyd Rose, just in different places with different materials. The other hardware should follow the same trend. It would really help if you could tell us ( or preferably show us with pictures ) how the parts do not fit. Compare them side by side, give us shots of the parts on the guitar showing how they don't fit correctly.