If you wrote an album of this material, I would buy it.

There is really nothing to criticize about it, except maybe instead of using kick drum 16ths, using snare ghost notes to make it seem more relaxed.

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Woaw ! What a freaky song

Very complicated stuff (rythms, scales), and you wrote it so well that everything goes so smoothly ! I mean, even the 7/8 part sounds like a classic 4/4 one, and that is pretty nice. I'm not really into this kind of music, but I have to say this was very relaxing, and perfectly written, congrats !
That was so choice. Like Epi said, would buy. Production would have to be pretty sharp in the recorded version (I hope it gets to that point) in order to do justice to the composition. Have you heard of 'Amethystium'? He's a neo-classical, ambient sorta composer, you might enjoy it. Not as rock influenced but fits a similar bill
just like epi, i wish i could say something bad so that you could improve, but i really cant. this is freaking awesome. loved that solo, and its progginess (btw, what the hell were you talking about when you said it wasnt technical at all??? lol)

i really have nothing bad to say man, fantastic job!

Edit: i forgot to mention that the basslines were my favorite part!!! totally awesome
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That was just... I just got sucked into a world of something I don't really know and that is pretty ****ing hard to do with GP, normally. I can only say what everyone else had said 'cause this is beautiful.

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Yea... Nothing corny about this. Totally relax, smooth time sig changes. All instruments compliment each other extremely well. Love this piece. I hope you record it one day!

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