This little guy arrived in the mail yesterday - almost missed it but found it in the greenhouse. It's a Joyo vintage overdrive, which is essentially a clone of a ts808, they make no effort to hide this fact, they even say it on the website. Anyway I'd been looking for a tube-screamer for a while to tighten up the high-gain stuff on my Blackstar HT-20.

It most certainly does that very well, gives a much more focused sound with volume max, gain pretty much at zero, and the tone just past noon. Aside from this, it gives a bloody fantastic general overdrive tone when used on the clean channel. I feel it really nails the Dire Straits tone.

If I can motivate myself to do some recording tomorrow or if it's not too late when I get home tonight, I might do something little for soundcloud - I'll link it if I do. I highly recommend this pedal, £30 off of amazon, I can't ever see the need for replacing it in the od department. All in all very happy, and I'm sure I'll be ordering more from this little company in the future.

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Dunnow, maybe I should get one too...

Let us know how that works, and happy NPD
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hmmm. i love my signa drive so much i have a hard time believing this is comparable, but it is temping for such a low price....
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hmmm. i love my signa drive so much i have a hard time believing this is comparable, but it is temping for such a low price....

There are side-by-side A/B demos of this and a variety of od pedals on youtube, it's honestly hard to believe how good it sounds. The gearmandude vid has it with an ibanez ts9 and you can barely hear the difference.

And yeah at this price...
HNPD! They're really good, especially at the price! Perfect for boosting AND for a mild drive tone through a clean amp
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