Hey guys, I can't believe with all the searches I've done I can't find much help with this issue, so hopefully someone here can help me out. If it's out there and I missed it, please forgive me.

I picked up an HD500 a few months ago that I use for direct in while writing, and effects only when I play live, which I run through my Mesa Dual Rec.

The issue I'm having is that the delays and reverbs just sound like garbage, no matter how much I adjust or treble/bass controls. I have a spider IV and the onboard effects on that sound great, so I'm boggled as to what I'm doing wrong with the HD500.

I run my chain like this - Guitar > Tuner > HD500 > Noise Suppressor > Mesa Front.
FYI - I am new to tube amps and FX loops.

I have trouble describing the particular issue, so if nobody understands what I mean I'll make a recording of it and put it on youtube or something.

Basically, the delay and reverb overpower the original signal - as if I'm running them pre instead of post, regardless of where the mix/treble/bass knobs are. So basically, if I want a really quiet reverb or delay, it sounds fine. But if I want to run delay over a distorted signal, it muddies up the entire signal. If I want to have a very 'airy' reverb, it muddies up the whole signal.

I've tried moving things around in the digital chain using the HD500 edit software, I made sure I don't have both inputs set to guitar. Everything else on this pedal sounds great and I love it for being able to quickly record ideas into my computer, but this issue with delay and reverb is driving me nuts.

I know that may sound confusing so I hope somebody can understand what I mean.
If anyone has any advice please chime in, I would appreciate it very much!!
It sounds like you may have the delays and reverbs placed before the amp blocks in the pod and also judging by your effects chain, the pod going straight into the front of the amp. You want to place the effects after the amp generally in the pod for it to sound the best and also preferably, if you're just using the pod for effects it should be in the effects loop of your amp also. This doesn't matter so much when you're just playing with a clean sound but when you put some distortion in the mix you'll want to have it set up how I said generally for it to be ideal.

You may want to scroll through some of the stuff in this:


It's got some info on different setups with the POD and also if you want to check out the rest of the site, has a lot of other useful information that may help you get your pod sounding better.
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Quote by koijak
I run my chain like this - Guitar > Tuner > HD500 > Noise Suppressor > Mesa Front.

I think this is your problem. You should NOT put a noise suppressor AFTER the delay/reverb unit (which, in this case, is HD500) because the delay sound is decaying and noise suppressor kills the sound of the...

...fuck it, simply, do NOT put noise suppressor AFTER the delay. It's created to be put before the delay. Try it, and if it doesn't help come back here for second opinion.
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You need to route the delay/reverb through the effect loop somehow.
Distortion should always come before delay/reverb, unless you're trying to get that effect you're getting on purpose.
Thanks guys. That link looks like it may be helpful... My amp is at our practice space so I'm gonna try some things on Tuesday. I have tried running it through the effects loop before but I was kind of winging it. As far as the noise suppressor is concerned, you're correct, but that's not the problem that I'm having. The delay itself is actually overpowering the original signal, regardless of where the mix level is set. I'm gonna experiment more on Tuesday and let you guys know what I find. Thanks again.
Quote by koijakHD500

The issue I'm having is that the delays and reverbs just sound like garbage

I have a spider IV and the onboard effects on that sound great


I run my chain like this - Guitar > Tuner > HD500 > Noise Suppressor > Mesa Front.
FYI - I am new to tube amps and FX loops.

Well there's your problem. Put the noise suppressor and THEN the HD500 in the FX loop of the amp. When you use delay or reverb (time-based effects) before distortion it gives a very horrible sounds as the delays get less and less distorted by each repeat. If you've got any modulation effects like chorus, flanger, phaser etc., put them before the HD500 but after the noise suppressor.
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The HD500 needs to either be run in the 4 cable method, or just in the fx loop for the reverb and delay to sound right with distortion.

What's happening is you're delaying your input signal (unprocessed clean guitar tone) and the delays gets distorted and mesh together, unseparated by the amp.

I've heard this before, and it applies with delay to: You want to reverb your distortion, not distort your reverb. (or something like that)

I've got an HD500 and it's a bitch to configure it in the 4 cable method, but once you do it, the possibilities are endless.
Thanks for your advice guys, I think I understand how it works a little better now... The four cable method was the first thing I tried, and it solved my delay issue. Definitely a little confusing at first, and it will take a little bit of time to get used to. I'm still not exactly sure what I did on the pod, because I was having some trouble creating the same effect(s) on other patches, but by that point I had been working on it for a good 20 minutes at least and decided I'd stop holding up practice. I'm going to play around with it today and see if I can learn a little more. Supergohan that website was very helpful, thanks man.