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Ok I recently decided to try composing some less "orchestral" things, and this is the result. Some parts might be edited, I'm especially thinking about the transition between the heavy solo and the "heroic part" which is quite low.

Anyway here it is :
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Had a definite air or Avenged Sevenfold to it, was cool. There's something about the use of chromaticism and modal interchange that just sounds creepy and dramatic-almost as though it should be part of a musical haha Yeah I reckon that transition could probably use some work, maybe just change the drum fill leading into it or add a descending triplet guitar line just to tie into the time sig change.

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the riff at measure 83 was a tad slow for me, as well as the outro

other than that, this is pure gold. especially the solo man! kicked total ass
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The intro riff sounds killer, a bit atypical for melodic metal if you ask me.

The riff in bars sounded a bit off to me, especially bars 8-9. I understand you may have been going for alternative chord voicings but I think you went a little too dissonant there.

The verse part was fantastic, the riff had a certain groove to it yet it remained melodic. Usually you just hear one of these, not both.

The first bar of the pre chorus all the instruments cut short. I think that if you let these instruments ring out and fade out then it would sound much better. I really liked the piano part though.

The way all the tracks come together in chorus 2 is ****ing epic, the lead guitar is adding a lot.

The solo over the 5/4 bridge was awesome, definitely my favorite part of the song.

From then on, I have nothing to say. The song is done.

Also, if you'll be kind enough:

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