Here is a clip of me combining Eddie Van Halen and Eric Johnson's styles together. Eddie's phrasing is so elastic and slippery, that is what I love about his playing....................his great sense of phrasing all around the beat, something that most of the people that copied him never picked up on. I thought it would be neat to combine Eddie's phrasing with Eric Johnson's amazing pentatonic runs. They are totally opposite players, but I am having fun trying, LOL! I am not playing any actual Eddie licks, I am just copping his feel and phrasing.

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I have been to Michael Anthony's house when he lived in Glendora, California (I lived in that city for a long time). My favorite part was the EVH style guitar (good!). I think I'd like the EVH guitar better on top of guitar chords as opposed to single notes, but that's just my opinion. Nothing wrong with the EJ part though. I'd like to hear some electric bass with this. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Nicely done! The part at 0:29 was especially cool. IMO, It would sound a little better if you panned the lead guitar in the center and did two rhythms (one left and one right). I agree there should be bass too. Good job!

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