Hey everyone this is my first time in the UG Forums, and I just wanted to ask a quick question to get some opinions.

What would be some of your favorite Compression pedals? I'm primarily a hard rock/metal guitarists first and foremost, but I'm also apart of a Jazz combo too. I'm thinking of adding one compression pedal to my live rig, but I wasn't sure. I thought I'd turn to you guys for some opinions.

Thank you,

I have heard some good things about the MXR Dyno Comp before. I think I'm going to check that one out since it's a little cheaper than the Wampler.
The Dyna comp is decent enough by all accounts. Good little unit for the price.
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fo on this site, select compressor ,search price from low tp high, and pull up youtube.


same whit this one

oh yeah, Xotics makes a good compresor for about 130.
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Though it's not a pedal (damn I wrote it wasn't a compressor, sorry for the typo), the Alesis 3632 can be operated with a footswitch and is more versatile than any pedal compressor I've ever seen.
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Hey man, best comps out there at a semi reasonable pricepoint are:

Pigtronix Philospher's Tone

Wampler Ego

Earthquaker Devices Warden

Diamond Comp

Empress Comp

Fromel Velvet Vice

Xotic SP

They are in no particular order, each are a little bit different. Like the dude above me said whip up Youtube and see what you like the best
I am about to buy a philosopher's tone myself. Awesome Comp pedal