I'm having trouble looking for a suitable pearloid pickguard to replace the stock one on my 2010 MIJ strat.
I recently bought one off ebay for just over 10 bucks (thankfully) and realised it was smaller than my existing pickguard and the 11-holes were mostly off. Correct me if im wrong, but after some searching, it seems that most pickguards will only fit mexican and american strats rather than the japanese ones. How do you guys replace your pickguards with minimal issues? Trial and error? Or do I have to buy pickguards specifically made for japanese strats?

No one can give me any advice? Im sure plenty of you guys out there have changed your pickguards before.
Not all of us have MIJ Strats and I don't personally know what the specs would be on the screws. But if you give it a little time the people on here are really helpful more often than not. Just give it a little time.=) (Also. Try not to bump.)
I don't know if there are significant differences or not, but I bet WD Music can help you out- they have a bunch of pickguards for a variety of builders covering many years of manufacture...and even claim to do customs.
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Yeah was thinking of buying directly from Japan as well. Because buying one from the US might mean they are suited only for MIA or MIM Strats.Thanks for the replies guys!