Brand New Vigier Excalibur Special 2013 Limited Edition Guitar Made in France
(manufacturer approved sale price $3,466) Charlotte, NC

Vigier, pioneers of carbon fibre technology, launched the Excalibur Special 2013 Limited Edition at this year's NAMM show.This 24 fret Excalibur Special Ltd is a guitar designed by master builder Patrice Vigier. French woods include: alder body, maple top, maple neck & rosewood board. The wood is age dried for 3 years to insure a stable finished product. 10% carbon fiber rod replaces the traditional truss rod and further reinforces the stable neck platform. Here are the specs: 10/90 carbon reinforced neck, 24 frets (25.6" scale) - available, Stainless Steel frets, Zero Fret, Teflon Nut and Flexretainer. Vigier 2011 tremolo pivoting on needles bearings. Body; French Alder with Maple top. Pickups; DiMarzio PAF Pro / FS1 / Tone Zone, Finishes; Aluminium Purple (w/ Matching mirror pickguard) GuitarPoetry.com is an authorized Vigier Dealer.
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