So I've been plugging into a Marshall AVT150 half stack with a CryBaby, Distortion+ and Boss tuner in between and I really like the sound I'm able to get (Play hair metal, so I usually keep the MXR pedal on and use the CryBaby as a solo boost) but there are some things I'd like to be able to add but the number of pedals I'd need to turn on and off simultaneously (Add chorus, delay, mids, etc to solo) to even get right requires a lot more tap dancing than I can learn at the dance studio

So, anyway, I'm looking to start a rack. I'd like to mostly use it for effects (Footswitch from rhythm to lead channels with different effects) but amp modelling wouldn't hurt (Unless it hurts the wallet too much) I'm pretty much at the gain levels I need (Could use a tad more and a different sort of distortion for a George Lynch thing that doesn't quite sound as Marshall-y as the tones I have)

What is a good rack effect/preamp I could run with a Marshall head (Could potentially upgrade head to a DSL2000 or JCM800) but can also use as maybe an amp modeller? I have my eyes on maybe a Digitech GSP2101 but I'd like to hear more opinions on this sort of rack I'd like

Oh, I'd like to stay within the $500 range (Axe FX are a tad too much)

Edit: Could I have a sort of A/B rig? Have a straight effect unit like the G-Major with my Marshall running into it and also like an ADA MP1 to get different non-Marshall distortion? Is that a thing I can easily run since both units are pretty cheap on eBay
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You don't really sound like you want a rack.

Instead, as supersac suggested, you will probably be better off with a switcher of some sort.

Also, if you want effects you don't need a preamp, you need an effects processor, and unless you want to go for some sort of cheap and probably low quality piece of equipment, you'll need at least two processors, one for the chorus and delay stuff, and one for the gain and EQ part, which will cost around $300 used if you go for some not-really-top-notch stuff.

Plus the money you will need for the 19" rack.

And those effects will not necessarely be easy to activate at once.

You could just go for a POD HD500 wich is about $450-500 new, but I'm not really sure that has all the effects that you're looking for, and if you can save them as presets so you can activate them at once.

It works as an amp modeler though, so that's probably your best bet if you want a modeler, too.
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HD500 and a Carvin power amp - or just buy a decent amp.
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