I just finished a video for my band Masters of Deception from Belgium! This band doesn't have a vocalist at the moment though. The quality is pretty good for one of our first recordings.
Thanks for watching this :-)
Oh and if you like it, check out our facebook page with pictures etcetera!
Masters of Deception (official facebook page)
whenever i see the scenes with the guitar player, i always think of an early 90's hip hop video...

much better music though. very well done guys! just gets repetitive without the vocals, but the same can be said of my songs... c4c?

"challenging myself" is the newest one, but feel free to crit them all
Don't have much time at the moment so I only listened Challenging Myself for the moment... I liked the song as a whole, had a rather nice production aswell (although i'm not a fan of the snare sound, but hey, tastes can differ) I do feel like the transition to the first distored part is a bit sudden, but it doesn't feel entirely wrong either, so i kindof have mixed feelings about that... The lead about 4 minutes fits the song great, but I had the same feel about the transition after it as the first transition, but this time it feels like hitting the next song on an album... I know have a habit of saying mostly what I think is 'bad' or less good, so I just want to assure you that I do like the song and didn't really get bored or so... When I have some time i'll check out some more, seems like you make pretty good stuff ;-)
Oh and yes, my scenes (i'm the guitarist) are reminiscent of some hip hop, haha :-)