So occasionally I see guitarist do this
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it seems like its just a cloth tied around the headstock,
unless its being used as a capo?
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It's to dampen the strings. You know how when you play you mute the strings that you're not playing with the fingers you're not using? (you should do this for a clean technique!) Yeah, well the sock is there to dampen the strings so he doesn't have to waste any effort muting strings to get a really clean take in what looks like a studio.
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Try it, but don't forget that using something to dampen the strings will not cover up a bad technique. I would recommend using this only when you are recordind.
Yeah only really do this when recording, it's not very practical for a live situation. It basically mutes the strings he's not playing, how you're suppose to when you play but sometimes in the studio you just need it that 110% cleaner.
Check out Guthrie Govan and Andy James, they both use this for crazy legato techniques. It really helps to mute the other strings.