Hi everyone, not long ago I posted a link to a cover song I worked on. Unfortunately I got zero response So I have decided to post again and hope you guys would help me out. I am looking for constructive feedback on my overall mix. see what you think


You are more likely to get reviewed if you review other people's music, and say "C4C" (critique for critique). I like most of the guitar work, though at times I feel somewhat of a melodic conflict between some of the parts (like around 0:40 & 2:20). Much of the time, listening with headphones, it sounds like too much treble & not enough bass, to my ears. I like the synth parts. Drums are fine. Perhaps you can review my music at this link:

Hello Aaron,

Thanks for giving feedback, I really appreciate it. I will definitely increase bass because I felt the same way a couple of days back. I will surely review your music very soon, as I am about to do some work now. Thanks again!