Hey there,

as you can see in the title, I'm on the market for a new tube combo amp. Narrowed it down to the 6505+ and the Valveking. (both 1x12 combos)

I play mostly modern rock styles (Rise Against, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Alter Bridge) and want an amp that is versatile....I'm not one to turn the gain all the way up and tune my guitars down to drop a, b, or hell, but I do like high gain sounds

I want something with a nice clean sound and a strong distorted channel (obviously) but I don't know which of these will do the job better. I've heard that the open back on the valveking makes it have much less bass response compared to the 6505. I'm not too sure if the extra 200$ is worth getting the 6505 over the valveking

Sorry if I didn't provide good enough information

So if you have any experience with either of these amps, feel free to push me in the right direction! Thanks!

Sorry I'm so stupid on the subject
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Would you be willing to consider other amps?
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Would you be willing to consider other amps?

Sure would.. have anything in mind?
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Budget? - 600 or less (USD)

Genres? - (I'll list bands) Rise Against, Alter Bridge, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Audioslave, Tremonti (Tremonti is as heavy as I will go)- good cleans are important

New or Used? - no preference

Home or Gig? - Both, but mostly home. I record with cab impusles so an effects loop is preferred. Occasional gigging

Closest City? - Saginaw, Michigan

Current Gear? - Guitars: Schecter C-1 Standard, PRS SE 245
Amp: Randall RG75 G2
Pedals: Boss ME-50, Boss SD-1

I really like the idea of having a half stack but it just makes more sense to have a 1x12 or 2x12 combo (and is easier on the wallet)
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The Valve King is definitely a rockier amp and more versatile amp but there's a lot to be desired when you want to play some heavy stuff like Metallica (just an example). I had a Valve King (2x12) and I liked it. I had to use a Tube Screamer though to get the crunch I wanted.

I'm not sure how much the 6505+ models differ but I know someone who has a 5150 head and I can get pretty good cleans on that, also using a Tube Screamer. Some chorus makes it sound nice and thick too.
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Out of the two, the 6505+ combo is miles better than the valveking. It's a non american made combo version to one of their top amps, as opposed to an entry level tube amp. Valveking will be better than what you have but the price difference between that and a 6505+ is definitely noticeable and worth the money.

With low gain settings the 6505+ can definitely do what you need, it has a tight response and the cleans can be good if you work them well. They're not fender grade cleans though.

I'm sure others will suggest some more suited amps to those genres but I could work a 6505+ to do those and enjoy it more than the valveking.
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With the info you gave, I am thinking maybe a used Mesa combo? Look into the DC and F series Mesa/Boogie amps, they are a great bargain for what you pay.

Other options in that price range (off the dome, and most of these will be used):


F series
DC Series
Maybe if you are lucky a used Mark III

HT series, I am not a huge fan but they aren't too bad

Tweaker series
Rebel Series

Pretty much anything could be of interest too you, you will either love or hate them

That's all I've got at the moment, though I am sure other folks will come in with other suggestions.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.