so im still researching on a good low tuning guitar (tuning anywhere from drop A to Drop C#) and im a fender head but i do have a Jackson Dinky Dk2 in low tuning amazing guitar..
what im asking is i have a squier tele that im looking to put new pickups in for low tuning.. im looking at two kinds of pickups

now what im basically looking at to put in my squier tele is either some kinda single coil EMG set or Seymour Duncan Hot rails black or white .
thanks for any advice!
I've been using a squier standard telecaster black and chrome (special edition) for drop B for a few years now, i put Symour Duncan Livewires in it and i have to say i find it handles drop tunings better than most, i also have a B.c. Rich Mockingbird with EMG 81's that i also keep in drop B and in my opinion they tele with the Seymours sounds much better. If you are want a Fender/Squier for heavy drop tuning it might be easier to grab yourself a Jim Root tele. only thing i would say there is i i find the squier version gets a bit "muddy" the lower you tune it.