Hey, we're a new band in the midlands and we recorded our last session.
just wanted a bit of feedback on the bands style and if anyone likes it as much as we do.
This was recorded with a few dodgy mics and a dying laptop...spare no expense us.
Worst thing was the vocal mic didn't record or just bad leveling by me.
So yeah check us out and leave a comment.
Please post links and tracks fo us to crit your songs as well.


Quote by aaron aardvark
First song: I wish the sound quality was a bit better. Nice bass riffs. I like the lead guitar (reminds me somewhat of Hendrix). Nice drums (not easy to record, I know). Please review my music at this link:


I know the sound kinda sucks, though I only had 3 mics to record with the bass going DI....and the vocal mic didn't get picked up at all.
I intend to purchase better equipment in the future once I have moved and have the space to really get things done to a higher level.
So this is kinda note book demo style.

Great that you compare us to Hendrix though as the guitarist I feel that is too high a praise.

Thanks for taking the time to hear a track. Cheers.