So I am getting back into guitar and it seems to be overwhelming to me. I tried using a teacher via Skype but that didnt work and my current teacher seems to be randomly throwing things at me without any type rhyme or reason. For example in the 6 weeks of using him he has thrown all the major scales at me in 3 positions (expecting me to know each note in each position), open triads for all keys full neck (strings e to g, a to b, d to e), closed triads all keys full neck, sight reading, intervals, and a few other things. Yet he hasnt even gone into basic chords. Keep in mind i am a newbie with no prior experience. It just seems daunting. I am having trouble enough remembering all the notes in the major scales much less where they all are on a particular scale. I mean if i think about it i can name the notes in the scale but I cant just rattle off the 6th interval in a the Eb scale or the 4th in the F#.

The point is, I am considering finding a new teacher, but in the interim I am looking for some information on a good starting point with learning the guitar. I do want to learn theory as well as technique but I cant learn it all in a month. How do you all go about it? Should I be learning all the scales in all the positions at the same time or should I stick with a couple at a time. Should I get those down solid back in forth before moving onto others or should I have them all on my plate and just progress much slower?

I was thinking of taking the C, G, D, A major scale and learning them in all the positions, all the intervals, all the triads open and closed them moving on to another group of 4. Once all the majors are done moving in the same fashion with the minor scales, etc. I personally like mastering 1 thing before moving on instead of having a ton of concepts on my plate and slowly moving through it.

Sorry for the long message but I am looking for some help in how I organize my studying. I feel like I have only retained 5% of the material that has been thrown my way so far. Any help would be great. Thanks.
The way I would recommend is to learn the basic chords ( C,D,E,F,G,A,B ) and to try learning a song you like. Don't chose a song that's too hard though. For theory, I would recommend learning the pentatonic scales. I'd also recommend gradually going deeper into theory, don't try to learn it all in a 6 month period. If you learn it slower, it will sink in better. Also you might want to practice some technical exercises so you can play smoother. The 1234 exercise is great one. Also when you do scales (pentatonic or major or whatever) make sure to practice alternate picking. I hope I helped.
Talk to your teacher about it. Could just be that you're not asserting yourself and being proactive as you rightfully should be as a student. Remember that YOU are paying him, he's not paying you. You have every right to ask every and any question you want. That or he is just a shitty teacher.

I've been playing a bit over 4 years now and over my time I've had 3 different teachers. They all lasted about a month with 4 lessons or so each. I quit each time because they just didn't give me what i was after. My second teacher was actually the best guitarist I've ever met in my life. Disgustingly good it still blows my mind, but just not the best of teachers. My last teacher however was very very good and easy to talk to (he's my friend on facebook haha) and it got to the point where i decided as helpful as he was i just didn't want a teacher anymore, and i have no desire for a teacher now and haven't since.
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I am enjoying the lessons on justin guitar. Check out justinguitar.com

I myself don't like to follow a blind lesson plan. I read through every beginner lesson on justin guitar before i even got my guitar. It helped me put every lesson in context. Now i'm going through it again one lesson at a time and it's a lot easier to understand the whys.
Other fun ways to learn for beginners are marty schwartzs youtube lessons, he teaches looads of songs. If you want to learn more theory get the book fretboard logic by bill edwards, it's the best guitar book ever made imo.
Learn the basic chords (mentioned above) and just pick a song you like and learn it but as for theory you need to learn scales but i wouldn't worry about being able read sheet music, it's not needed and don't worry about scales, triads, key's etc.. right now, you're just beginning and the best way to get started is have fun or you get bored and annoyed and quit, learn your fav. songs, i highly recommend looking up Marty Schwartz on YouTube, learn riffs and solos from him, he has beginner stuff there, it'll keep you interested and once you can pick it up and play guitar without it being a struggle the whole time then learn all the other stuff but Marty Schwartz go find him, hope this helps
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i wouldn't worry about being able read sheet music, it's not needed

Thanks for the reply but could you clarify this? I understand that tablature exist however most tabs don't include timing such as time signatures and note length (quarter, eighth, etc). Unless you know the song how would you play it?