Hello all,...discovered the site while looking for chords to a couple songs I wanted to learn. Just a little about myself as far as musical tastes,...I listen mostly to Contemporary Christian music,some older more traditional country,light rock,and folk music thanks to the group "The Seekers". As for my guitar and amp,...I play a Fender
Stratocaster guitar through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III 40 watt tube amp. I am actually getting back into learning guitar,...after a thirteen year hiatus,...and have began taking lessons. As can be expected,my chord changes are a bit slow and working on speeding those up,but I know that with practice,it will get easier. Now for a question since I am new here,...if we find a song with the chords we need or want to learn,...are we permitted to print those off for our own use?
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Printing for your own use is permitted. There are even printable versions on tabs.

What is certainly not allowed is printing/selling for a profit.

Welcome to the site
yep, print/download anything you want, besides... who cares if you can't, its the internet dude xD