I do not know what guitar I should buy (electric or bass). I do not know how to play the guitar or what equipment I need. I'm going to go to guitar center today to get help.

I want to play guitar rifts from songs like these:

[forbidden link] (please click on song #2: Youth)

[forbidden link] ( Guitar towards 00:18, even though I love the early bass guitar though!)

[forbidden link] (Towards 00:28)

Question #1: Is this a good deal on craigslist? [forbidden link]

Question #2: What guitar should I buy (electric or bass)? I want something that is for beginners.

Question #3: Is this song primarily played by the bass guitar? (Song 10: Ode to A moment) [forbidden link]

One day I want to blend all these sounds with other bands in with a voice like terror but with a positive message.

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well frist off just look for now at guitar center. some of there workers will sell u any thing
start with with a Electric Guitar. there are places on the net that sell the same guitars cheaper then guitar center