Hi. Im new here, so, to start with the right foot, hi to everyone. (new guy alarm ringing )

Heres my problem. I started a band with a bunch of friends. We play most rock, hard-rock, grunge and a little of metal and blues. But my actual gear doesn't allow me to improve.

I have a starter kit from Fender. It's a Squier Stratocaster HSS with an Fender Bullet 150 amp. Later, i decided to buy another. So I went for a Epiphone Firebird Studio Ltd. It's a great guitar, but something is missing (i know that the amp sucks, but that will be another post ).

In the band I'm the rithm guitar and vocals. Im trying to sound like Dave Grohl (not the voice ), being him my favourite artist.

So, knowing this about me, my conditions are this:

My budget is 400€ (533$) for a new guitar, not a used one . Not more, not less.

I love Gibsons and Fenders, but because the low budget i go for Epiphones and Squiers.

My favourite from Epiphone are: The Dot, G-400 PRO, Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro.
And my favourite from Squier are: Telecaster, Mustang, Jaguar.

About the Pickups, im not stingy. But if i choose, i would go for the humbuckers or singlecoils.

Im from Portugal, Lisbon.

I hope that you guys could help me on this one. And sorry for any mistake.
What you need is a new amp, seriously, if its the sound that is missing something, then an amp will do so much more for you.
You already have a useable guitar so put that money towards the amp fund!
I actually have some amps in mind. But i dont know if this guitar will give me the sound that i want. Thats also one of my doubts
Considering you mentioned that amp will be another post i'm assuming you have a side budget for amp as well? Changing guitar won't do that much for you really. In case this is your whole budget, don't buy guitar and buy decent amp instead.
A new amp is right. It will be your biggest improvement by far. As for the guitar personally I would get the epi standard plus top lp. They are great guitars, but all on your list are pretty good guitars. I would go with what felt best, and looked best to me. I find how I view a guitar's look and and style means a lot towards how I feel the guitar feels and plays. Looking good (to you) is important in stage presence.
Flaster011, unfortunately, this is my only budget . If I dont use it on the guitar, I will use on the new amp. About the other post, if I'm clarified on this, it wont be necessary another post.
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Starcounter1, for me, the one that looks really good is with no doubt The Dot. I really love that semi-acoustic body and cherry color.
About the amps, this are the ones that I have in mind to try:

Laney LV100;
Laney LV200;
Fender Mustang III V.2;
Blackstar HT-5R;
Vox VT 30;
Laney VC15-110;
Peavey Bandit 112;

Wich one can sound like Dave?
You have an ok guitar so imho you should buy a new amp.

If you alredy have a tone in mind go shopping with the firebird, play every amp available with it and buy the one you like most in your budget.
SISO, thanks for the advice. But I'm also looking for someone with personal experience with one of these amps, and what they think of them.

Just for knowing if I buy an amp that looks that have te tone im looking for and later regret because the problems that the amp could give. Just for precaution.
Quote by jcabralcobral
About the amps, this are the ones that I have in mind to try:

Laney LV100;
Laney LV200;
Fender Mustang III V.2;
Blackstar HT-5R;
Vox VT 30;
Laney VC15-110;
Peavey Bandit 112;

Wich one can sound like Dave?
So you have at least ~$500 on a guitar and at least $200 or so (?) to spend on an amp and you're looking at these options? You can definitely do way better. What you are basically doing here is making 2 incremental upgrades instead of one major upgrade. You aren't going to get a big change in your setup. My suggestion is that you pull all your money together and look at better amp options than these.

I'm not super up to date with what is out there these days, but for let's say $600, if I were looking for an amp, I'd check out a Vox AC15, Fender Blues Junior, Egnator Tweaker, or Jet City JCA20. Out of the ones that you recommended, the only one that I would recommend is the VC15. I'd give the Mustang a good review too as long as it stays in the bedroom as a small practice amp when you don't want to go through the effort of plugging into something better (which is what my Fender superchamp serves as).

I have had personal experience with every single one of those amps, outside of the Laney LV amps. The Laney VC15 is solid. They're all ok, for what they are, and in all honesty, they're not really gigging type of amps. They're really mostly best for home practice and maybe small rehearsal in a pinch. But that's really what you're limited to in the price range of <$300 for amps. Either small tube amps that sound alright, but are really for home practice or recording. Or higher powered solid state amps that flat out don't sound very good.
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al112987, thanks for the advice. I only have 500$. But i can only buy one thing. The amp or the guitar. As for the amp, Im looking for an valved amp that can be loud in gigs and not so loud in home practice. About the amps that you mentioned in the post, ill go test them. Thanks.
In that price range I would check out Bugera 333 212 or Peavey ValveKing 112.
if I'm not mistaken, Dave Grohl uses vox ac30s for clean sounds. The AC15 can get you close.

I'll jump on the bandwagon and say you absolutely do not need a new guitar and you absolutely need a new amp.

Squiers and epiphones might not be great but they're often very good modding bases if the construction is decent enough. I'd say start with a good amp (used vox ac15 or ac30 or peavy classic 30) and then as you get a little money, get new pickups

Your epiphone with a good aftermarket pickup (like a seymour duncan JB) into a peavey classic 30 or a vox AC30 will be a great enough sound to last you until you're playing arenas
I play a Dot and it's a great guitar but on your budget, I'd get a Blues Jr. amp. It's under $500 and your Firebird will sound great through it.
Ok. I've decided. I'm going to buy first a better amp, then later I will buy the Dot, just because I love that guitar. I'm going to test the amps that you guys mentioned on your posts. Thank you all for your advices. If any of you still know a good amp for me to try, just say it. Later I will show the amp that I bought. Once again thanks and Rock Hard!
I also have the dot and it's beautiful, but in your case I will say go for the amp. If you can, sell some other stuff (junk) you don't use anymore and get a better amp. I was there once and I sold a bunch of pedals, one guitar, small mixer i didn't use and the amp i used untill then (Marshall MG100) and bought a decent amp. I would suggest the same if you have stuff laying around that you use very often, because you'll be using the new amp all the time.
BluesMannus, if I had other stuff to sell, I do it the same. But thanks for the advice anyway.
Amp first!

People put too much emphasis on this guitar for this or that. All guitars can be used for anything. (There are exceptions to the rule)
i would go for the humbuckers or singlecoils.

did that even make sense?
Hi guys. As i said in one of my posts, i would show the amp that i bought. The amp that I bought was a Line 6 Flextone III Plus. I found out that in the music store where i buy my stuff, was selling this bad boy for half the price. I decided to test it and ask why he was half the price, just to know if they were selling it because it was broken or had a defect. But actually no. The amp was 5 star, still in the box and clean as a whistle. The reason to sell it half the price was because they want it to end the stock that they had of line 6 amps. And guess what, that was the last one. Im really happy with the amp i have now. I can get any sound that I want, from the softest blues to the heaviest metal.

In resume, I want to thank you guys for the help you gave me deciding what should i buy first. I followed your opinions and hit the jackpot. So once again thank you for the help you gave me an ROCK HARD AND ROCK ON!!!