Hey Guys!

I was about to buy Tucks new BC Rich Axe, but someone offered me a used Jackson.
Well the Jackson looks pretty wrecked to be honest. Lets say it got a lot of "battle scars" on it Which guitar would you prefer? Brand new BC Rich from the Store or the used Jackson. A friend who owns a tuck jackson too loves the guitar. Unfortunately i can't find anyone who played the bc rich.

Hope you guys can help!

Well, unless the Jackson is the silver sparkle model there is no question about which one looks better in my opinion.
Just remember that used guitars ain't worse at all, and "battle scars" just make it look cooler.
I hate using brand new guitars because I will get scared of chipping the paint and such. No worries on stuff like that when the guitar is already beat up a bit.
Jackson. The Matt Tuck model is a sick guitar. As long as the guitar mechanically works fine, battle scars are nothing to worry about.
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Jackson man.

I know u want your new guitar to look you know "new" but I'd take the Jackson if it was only cosmetic damage.
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It depends on which BC Rich you're talking about. I just got a Warlock NJ Deluxe and the quality is superb.
Unless the tips of the wings are chipped all to hell ( wood missing, in other words) I would go for the Jackson. I always liked the Mustaine signature Jackson better than his BC Rich, and this is yet another case of Jackson winning.

Edit : Dave's new signature is A Dean, not a BC Rich. Disregard my absent minded rambling.
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Does the guitar look abused? Has the neck also taken hits? If so, i would go for a new guitar.

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I think the Jackson just looks TIGHT. But I also like the new BC Rich Matt Tuck signature too and a lot of people don't agree with me on that. Depends on how badly the Jackson was beaten up. Battle scars can be a lot of things. (My Schecter has what I called "battle scars" but you can't find them unless you know where to look and angle it in the light the right way...)

Also. I'm kindof amazed you a Jackson Matt Tuck for sale. (Probably not as rare as I feel like they are. But still.)
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