Hi everyone!

I need pedal-type preamp, I stopped on AMT SS-20B, could you give some alternative to compare with?
You should list more information, such as budget, your other gear, and what kind of sound you're looking for. But either way, here are some to consider:

AMT Legend amps, Blackstar HT-Dual, Hughes&Kettner Tubeman, Mesa V-Twin, and the Tech 21 characters. Are you fully opposed to rack-style preamps? This would give you many more options, such as the Marshall JMP-1, Engl E530, and Peavey Rockmaster.
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Yeah, rack style is too complex for me, couse I often play in clubs with low amp quality, it's more useful for me to use my own pedalboard.

Right now I'm using -
Dunlop Zakk Wylde Wah
Tech 21 SansAmp 21
Boss Chorus Ch-1
Boss DD-7
and some other pedals time after time

Money is not so important, I'm looking for a pedal for my pedalboard, with crunch and lead channel for rythm and solo parties, and with good clean channel for clean sounds, maybe with overdrive function.

Thx for reply!