I'm starting a band with a fella (vocalist and I'm guitarrist). Nature/Existence/Philosophy/Occult are the themes, and we will play Post Black as the title suggests.

Dead Ringer by Vulpus

This song will be called "Dead Ringer" and it's about the experience of being buried alive. The smooth yet spooky intro resemble the person dreaming/sleeping. Then, the distorted agressive riffs relate to the experience of waking up and finding yourself in a casket, alone in the dark, with little air: despair, anger, agony. Then, the second clean riff, melancholy, uber sadness. Then, the last attempt to get free from that condition, or the last gasp, as the most violent riff on the song. In the end, after the instruments go mute, there will be a bell ringing - A safety coffin, used widely during the Cholera epidemic periods.

This is the first guitar track I composed. Rough recording (Blackstar Club Combo + SM58), minor errors in some riffs and some issues regarding the riffs' tempo, but I would like to hear from you some critique. What do you think?

This is just the guitar track, and I'm looking forward to incorporate the usual vox/bass/drums and some synthpads or nature sounds, like the wind in the first clean riff. Could you give me some ideas on the drums? What do you think would totally nail in terms of percussion in the main riff?

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Hey man, I thought this track was great. I love theme music, and I think you did an awesome job of capturing the feeling of the story with your riffs; the pleasant intro riff of dreaming, the anger and panic of the first distorted riff, and so on. And I think once the rest of the instruments and vocals are added in that the atmosphere will only get that much better.

As for the quality of the recording, I think it's really good, a nice smooth sound for the clean riffs where you want it, and a very gritty distorted sound for the chaotic/violent parts of the track.

I think the nature sounds you're talking about incorporating in will really add a whole nother dimension to the song and create an even better atmosphere, like the wind blowing in the intro riff like you said. Another cool sound I think you could add would be maybe wood/metal creaking like the coffin flexing/warping from the dirt on top of it, I think that'd make an intensely eerie feeling for the 2nd clean part of the song.

Idk if you were already planning this or not, but I think the transition into the 2nd clean riff should be smoother, like even just ring out on the last chord of the first violent riff and have it fade away as more nature/ambient sounds fade in and are soon accompanied by the clean guitar.

Finally as far as drums go, I'm not very good at coming up with drum parts, i'm primarily a guitar player lol, but definitely something fast for the chaotic/violent riffs, blast beats/fast double bass, i'm not sure.

I have a song on here also if you'd like to check it out, it's a death metal/slam song I wrote and recorded, has no vocals, it'd be nice to know what you think about it!