Hi guys I am new to the forum, didn't really know were to go to say hello not really looked about much yet so I thought I would come here as I have just bought myself a new guitar and thought I would show it to guys n gal,s anyway I bought a Schecter Diamond series and what a beautiful guitar it is if I may say so myself lol. I also bought a Boss rc-30 loop pedal as well and I will post pictures of that at a later date in the appropriate section, I have created a little demo song using the Schecter but I wouldn't know were to post that so if you want a listen let me know so I could maybe get some ideas from you.

Some of the features on this are Floating Tremolo I think, so you can bend up with it, but it only goes up a whole tone, which is perfect for me, it has two humbucker picks with there own individual volume nobs but if you pull the tone nob it takes it from humbucker to single coil pick ups. It is also a 24 fret neck.

Nice to hopefully meet you all and see you around the forums

Anyway enjoy the pics
MY Guitar pic.jpg
MY Guitar (2).jpg
MY Guitar (3).jpg
I play the way I do because it allows me to come up with the Sickest Sounds possible. That's the point now isn't it - Jeff Beck
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Very pretty guitar, and welcome to UG!

You can also bend down with a floating tremolo. Just put the bar in the hole and go crazy.

It's called "Coil Tapping" when you can pull on the knob to make a pickup single coil.
Thank you guys I am loving playing I am having so much fun playing it.

I play the way I do because it allows me to come up with the Sickest Sounds possible. That's the point now isn't it - Jeff Beck
Used to not be a very big fan of Schecter, but recently got to play around with a few here locally, and I was pretty impressed. I think you have done well for yourself.
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I like it man. And if you want to post videos of video recordings (covers and such) try the "Recordings" in the music section of the forums.
very nice
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