i was just wondering what everybodys opinion is on this as i really like the idea of having such a versatile instrument. tom searle from architects is doing it with a first act custom so why is nobody else?
Because mainstream metal bands don't like how they don't come with EMG's. Or Floyds.
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Because they don't look the part + 2deepblue's post
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There are guitarists in heavy metal and hard rock using semihollow and hollowbody guitars- Billy Duffy, Ted Nuent, Alex Lifeson, Ihsahn, Chris Poland, Troy van Leeuwen, Emil Werstler, etc.- but they're relatively rare.

Some more examples can be found here:


IOW, go for it!
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I saw The Ocean live a couple weeks ago, their guitarist was using a semi-hollow and it sounded fine.

If you want to use one and play metal do it, just play whatever you are comfortable playing
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You could always buy a semi hollow body and replace the pickups with EMGs or Seymour duncans and it could sound as metal as you desire. That's if you just want it for the look though. I've played many Gretchs and although they are excellent guitars they don't handle high gain stuff all that well. Im not sure about the epiphones and ibanezes.
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