No, not a song title. That'd be cliche. But I got two fillings this afternoon and suddenly don't feel like doing much recording...

This is the first half of an album I've finished writing. Once it's all recorded I'd like to actually release it, so... be brutal, please. Tell me what I need to fix now, before it's out there for everyone.

(If you think you've heard these before, you probably did- the demos were up in early March, I think...)

I'll be happy to return the favor- just give me a link to your material so I can spend my time listening, not looking :p

Hey Aaron! Long time no see! That's entirely my fault though- I've not been around Original Recordings that much. We've been playing with Addictive Drums for our recordings- the sound is very convincing but I agree after a lot of critical listening that the cymbals cut just a little too much with the default settings. I'm playing with it in my spare time.

Now You're Here was great! It was a pleasure to C4C with you! I'd love to hear what you think of the other tracks, if you have anything else you'd like my opinion on.
Hi Vlaco - cheers for the crit on my tune

- The first song reminded me of the more rock orientated pink Floyd tunes and every now and then the chord progression is similar to hotel California - so I guess you cant go wrong with the classics - the drum panning during the solo needs to be tweaked a bit the volume is a bit low on the left speaker and the cymbals a bit sharp on the right - fiddle with the EQ a bit.

The 2nd song has the same issue with the drums but is a cool tune - I liked the build up near the end and then the stop personally think you could end it 5-46 without the last couple of guitar bits - otherwise good stuff keep on strumming
Hi there, first off thanks a lot for the compliments you gave my piece.

In response to your queries, the guitar tone is achieved through close mic'ing an SM57 on my Vox AC15VR amp. The overdrive tones are provided by my Digitech Bad Monkey, just a cheap distortion box which despite the price provides great vintage tones. All of the rhythm parts were double tracked, with one to the left and one to the right with the intention of creating a 'big' sound. In addition to this, the main riff was double-tracked one octave up, playing the same chords in a different position up the neck. Finally, the guitar I used was a Gibson Les Paul Junior, with a single p90 which provides a lot of midrange. From here it ran into a cheap yamaha mixing desk into my PC via USB. Hopefully I'll be able to improve the quality of drums in future recordings.

Regarding the first song, the guitar sounds huge in the first song, but very 'raw'; in a good way. Your voice is very reminiscent of Neil Young to my ears which is a great asset. Are you using a fuzz pedal in the solo, it has a certain mid-60's 'garage' quality to it which I love. The vocal melody is actually quite haunting and very effective. What equipment are you using to record? My only criticism is that at times, very rarely, the guitar sounds slightly muddy. Perhaps this was the quality you were going for, and it is not really a negative quality

Congrats on your recording,

I really like your chord progression. The vocals put me off a bit, but I think that's a stylistic thing. Very solid/cool rhythms man. I think the drums can get a little repetitive at times, but they fit the music.

Perhaps you need to change the structure around a little bit? The lead around 2"04 comes a little late, IMO.

Decent mix/recording/clarity on all instruments. Pretty cool man.
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