What's a good volume pedal to get? I'm between the mxr and the Ernie ball (what is the difference between the jr and standard model?)
Neither. Morley Little Alligator is perfect as is, and superior to most others. It has a linear taper, and doesn't use a pot so it won't wear out.
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i second morely. its not in guitar center, and it doesnt have shiney lights. but its legit.
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I just took a look at the Morley pedal and it seems fairly good but I'm really looking for something pedal board friendly which is why something similar to the Dunlop pedal would be a big plus for me. It's all for home use but I move my stuff around the house alot and jam with friends so keeping it all on my pedal board just makes things easier
I have the Ernie ball jr. And it works great. Nothing really to say about it haha. It just works. Has two taper settings. The difference in the standard and jr is just the size.
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I like the Visual Sound Visual Volume.
Has purty blue lights on it.

+1 i LOVE them lights