For Sale is a very clean 1967 Fender Blackface Super Reverb

Asking $1700

This amp is pretty much all original including the grill cloth and tolex, which are in near perfect shape. The tolex has a few light scuffs here and there but no punctures. Grill cloth is very tight and has yellowed nicely over the years. This is a very presentable amplifier.

This Super reverb has original CTS alnico square magnet blue label speakers rather than Oxford’s or Jensen ceramic speaker commonly found on super reverbs. These are preferred over the others by most.

Speakers sound very strong and can handle all the power of the amp with ease. All have been inspected. The cones are clean with no cracks, rot, or thin spots along the surrounds.

The only non-original items are:

-The full replacement of all electrolytic capacitors. A must if you want the amp to keep paying and work its best. The original caps had long since dried up which will case 60 cycle hum in the speakers and very low headroom. Caps were replaced with Sprague Atoms.

-3 prong grounded power cord was also added for safety and all ground wires hard soldered to the cassis for reliability rather than being sandwiched under the transformer mounting bolts.

-A switching pot was also added in the tremolo position that allows the tremolo circuit to be completely disconnected when the knob is rotated to “0”. Normally, even with the tremolo “off” on the foot switch, it is still in circuit loading the guitar signal and limiting tone in the vibrato channel. Ever notice how much stronger the normal channel is on these amps? This is why! The switching pot still allows tremolo to be used if you rotate it above “0” and can now be activated via a foot switch as normal. The original pot is included and can be reinstalled at any time.

-The V1 Normal channel preamp tube has been pulled to also help beef up the tone of the amp.

The amp was serviced last year when it received the cap job, new tubes throughout and an overall checkup and re-bias. Has maybe 15 hours of use on the new tubes.

Preamp tubes are all NOS:

1 RCA 5751 Triple Mica Blackplate
2 RCA 12AT7 Blackplate
2 GE 12AX7 long grey plates

Power tubes:
2 Groove tube 6L6GE (General Electric 6L6GC reproduction)

NOS Mullard GZ34 rebranded for Sylvania

Tubes include boxes and will be pulled from the amp for shipping and carefully boxed tucked away inside the amplifier.

Happy to ship
Please contact me for photos and questions.
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