Ok so basically I've been trying to figure out this pretty common effect but my random googling hasn't been of much help, so if someone can help me identify what's been done so I can achieve a similar sound that would be cool.

Something like this

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfOnq-zXXBw at 16 seconds or so

The intro to Periphery - Icarus Lives with the really thin sounding guitar. I'm assuming it's some kind of high shelf with the mids/lows completely scooped out? This kind of sounds like you're playing through a telephone type effect.

Also as a related question, is there some way to gradually apply EQ to a track in Reaper? I mean, if I have that kind of scooped sound and then want to slowly over a few seconds fade the mids and lows back in, how would I do something like that?
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High pass, maybe boost some upper mids if you really want. Also, if you're playing a down tuned riff, play it up the octave like in Icarus Lives.