John Foe is a Finnish band formed in 2011, combining elements of thrash/speed, doom and death metal genres.

After some line-up difficulties (such as vocalist changes) we finally got our first official demo "Abhorrence Despair Hate Disorder" released.

Available streaming on our site:

If you want to give us critique, use this Youtube sample song for commenting (we've got no guestbook on johnfoe.com)
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Sounds good, man. Reminds me of slayer but that's a good thing. I like the vocals too. It could be my speakers or me, but it sounds like the mix is a bit messy. Seems like there's not enough high end or too much bass in the guitars. Also, I can't hear the bass.
Still, overall it's pretty darn good.
Yup, sounds good. Gave you a like in youtube. But as slapfunk said, I can't really hear the bass. I'm using earplug headphones which have pretty define sound, but still the bass is drowned under the guitars. Nevertheless, souds great, and kickass guitar tone