I know this question has been asked before, but I can never gain a consensus as to the best answer.
Anywho, I have myself a whole lot of .avi, .mp4 and other various file types that I need to burn to DVD. Does anyone know of decent free software that will do this? Simply and easily? Every software I find involves some form of confusion that is impossible to work through.

Alternatively, I'm open to buying software, providing it's somewhat cheap.
try a zippo
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1 - if you have to make any phone calls do it now 'cos you're gonna be off the map for a while
2 - insert your AOL CD. Run it, follow all the steps. Congratulations: you are now connected to the world wide web!
3 - open your netscape communicator, surf to altavista.com (hotbot or lycos are fine too)
4 - search for some neat lil' software called "gnutella" (or else "kazaa"). If your McAfee warns you about spyware just ignore it: it's inevitable and there's no way around it
5 - try downloading whatever burning software comes up. I believe Realplayer is the way to go but then again I'm a sucker for spankin' new software

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dvd videosoft free studio

loads of other usefull programs all in one ,all for free.
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Does alcohol work?

Never sure if it was meant for DVDs or not.

If it does, then alcohol.
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Quote by S0n1c '97
Does alcohol work?

Never sure if it was meant for DVDs or not.

If it does, then alcohol.

If it doesn't for DVDs, it will work for him anyway.

Imgburn is good if you wanna burn them instead.
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