I've been playing guitar as sort o a secondary hobby for about 7 years and was never really serious until now. Practise amps and a single pick up squier. I recently went out and bought a Marshall cab/w line 6 head, a few pedals and an ibanez rg1670. And I want to make a starter pedal board.

Right now I have:
Boss chromatic tuner pedal
Boss meta core ml-2 distortion
And as of next week tc flashback x4

I was looking for a prefab pedalboard that's powered because I HATE HATE HATE batteries. It'll need to have room for one or 2 more pedals. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
I'm sorry if I can't reccomend a board but right now you don't need batteries. You know that you can daisychain your pedals from your boss tuner right?

The T-rex tone trunks are pretty cool but honestly... a thick slab of wood, velcro, a carrying case and maybe an external power source will work just as well and cost you half the price
I had no idea. How would I go about doing that ? And yeah I,ll probably buy a large briefcase and make one out of that.
at the front of your TU2 or TU3, there will be two 9v plugs, one IN, one OUT. If you already have a cable feeding your pedal, you buy a cable like this one:


and daisy chain your other pedals. I never tried it so I don't know if this specific cable will work but in theory you can do it easily. Or you get a one spot and simplify your life even more.

The only disadvantage is that since it's not an isolated power source for each pedal, you might get a little noise in the background but unless you're doing gigs, it's a minor detail considering all the money you save
Have a look at the Joyo Isolated power supply, too.
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Well let me tell you what I just did for my board. I made the board myself, its 3/8" plywood covered in a piece of black carpet cut from a rug I got at Walmart (it was like $4 and velcro sticks to it really well) then I lined the board in 1/2" aluminum 3 sided extrusions and installed plain stainless steel handles. I then got some braided sleeve and made a cable snake for my input cable, footswitch cable, and the power cable for my one spot. I plugged all the pedals into a daisy chain for the one spot and the power supply is plugged into my power conditioner in my rack. The whole pedalboard fits in the back of my amp/rack case and I just coil up the cable snake on top, I don't have to unplug a thing!
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