Looking to buy a new neck pickup for my les Paul and was wondering what some of your favourites are and why (eg a brief description of what they are like)? This thread is intended for humbucker pickups only
Doesn't much matter to me as long as I have it sunk as far as it can go into the body. Hello blues tones.
Lace alumatone is a really nice clean. All their pickups are really clear
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Dimarzio Liquifire gets my vote.
I have it in 3 of my guitars. 1 in my LP Classic, 1 in my Ibanez RGA (mahogany), 1 in my Ibanez RGD (basswood) and the cleans are really nice on all of them, and in particular on my LP.
I could also recommend the Dimarzio Air Norton, which is real nice, as I have that in my mahogany RG - I prefer the Liquifire for cleans though (only just though as the AN is great too).
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i like the old gibson 'super-humbucker' pickups from the '70s, they have really nice articulation that i can't seem to get from any modern humbuckers. very deep and full sounding, too.

but honestly, asking people what they like and why isn't really a great way to go about choosing pickups. it's better to let people know what you don't like about your current tone and how you intend to change it so people can point you in direction of what might work for you
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I liked the SD Jazz in my lp, the pearly gates sounded okay as well. Again, like most things, everything is subjective - and also varies with guitar types, wood types, style, preference, etc etc etc. I'd get your hands on as many as you can and play them to get a feel for what sounds best for you, though that can get pricey after a while.

Side note, I'd love to get my hands on those Zephyr pickups (SD pickups wound using silver) for a jam or two... if only the pricetag wasnt so high.
My cousin has a Set of Lollar Imprials in his LP. Sounds Gorgeous
In mine, I have SD Alnico 2s and they aren't bead but they don't standout to me as anything awesome.
A single coil forced into the humbucker slot.
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LiquiFire or air norton for just about anything, i like the 496r (not 490) or a '57.

I like them all, use them all, but it's all application based.
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SD Jazz or DiMarzio Air Norton. The Air Norton is a bit more "clearer" and "defined" while the the Jazz seems a bit more "gritty" and slightly less defined. Still, they're both great.
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