Wasn't sure if this belonged here but I thought it was the best place to post.

Anyway, basically I'm just wondering if anyone may have any ideas on what is wrong with my audio interface.

It's a line 6 ux8, had it for years now, my band uses it to record live demos (drums, bass and one guitar) Lately I was mixing demos and channels 2 and 6 have been getting clipping sounds, peaks and volume shifts which definitely aren't right.

At first I thought the preamps could be damaged but I opened the casing up and everything looks ok to my eyes, nothing broken etc. Only other thing I think it could be if not that is possibly driver problems?

Anyone have any idea on if it's either of these and if so how do I rectify the problem? Line 6 don't make this product anymore so I doubt I could get a replacement or anything

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