hey everyone, ive posted this song before but this is an updated version.


heres the rig, guitar is yamaha erg 121c, recorded direct with zoomg2.1u(clean signal).

vocals were done with sony mic and zoomg2.1u (clean signal).

guitar1> tse808>poulin lecto>lecab2
guitar2> compressor> poulin le456> lecab2

bass> scarbee library> guitar rig 5.

drums> ezdrummer> some compression,eq, reverb and saturation here and there

and some compression, saturation and eq on the vocals.

on the master track theres ozone isotope for eq, compression, excitation, reverb.

here's the eq'ing stuff, i pretty sure this is the weirdest thing you've seen, but i give first priority to the vocals, finding the meat making it sound good. then i work with the guitars cutting of the vocal frequencies and boosting the places where there's no other instrument.

bottom right is guitars, all others are vocals for the 2 chorus parts, one eq is missing (from second chorus vocal).

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I'm really no expert with this, more of a noob, but I think the vocals sound great. The guitars (at least in the beginning) sounded like they were recorded with a tad of latency and are therefore slightly out of time? Also, I'm not sure if it's the sound you're going for but the guitar in the beginning does sound very trebly and piercing, perhaps you could cut a few of the highs?

I'll say it again, take my opinion with a grain of salt
Timing is really bad and guitar tone is awful. Find out whats causing that and record it again. What software are you using? What interface are you using? We can give you a hand in getting your recording steps in line...
Compare your guitars to professionally-mixed bands' tones (in your case, early Slipknot or Korn). Adjust accordingly. I'm going to agree that the highs have to go. More mids will help with the definition issues; you need TONS more mids compared to the highs. And again, get your timing together.

The bass tone needs more lows, too. The heaviness of metal comes from the bass, mostly the 70-140Hz range. Pick any moment on Slipknot's self-titled where you can hear the bass over everything else (intro from "Prosthetics" is a good one). It's LOW. No mids, just some highs at the pick attack, and a ton of lows.

If this is going to be the first song from your band that people hear, you want it to start strong. "I hate this life/I want to die" is not "starting strong".

Most importantly, REFERENCE YOUR MIXES. Compare them to bands you want to sound like, and make your mix sound like theirs.

The drum mix is better than last time, though.
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