Ok so, Ive never had a 7 string axe, but have always wanted one. A friend set me up with a cousin of his, who's selling his Ibanez RGA7; due to some financial problems, for the value of about 330 usd (the lowest mrp I found here for a new piece was about 680 usd). P.s. Our currency sucks

I have heard about the Pups issue but overall, I can buy the guitar, get an emg 81 (the fabled 707 and the SDs are beyond my reach) on it, set up an emg PA2 potswitch and have a few 20-30 dollars in hand with the amount i would have otherwise spent. It is verified to be about 6 months since the initial purchase with no faults after purchase.

Would it be a good investment?
If it's in good nick with no flaws or blemishes and you'd be happy with it in the long run, sure, why not?
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Cant put a emg 81 in a 7 string guitar.
unless its the 81/7 or the 707
but i had one, sold it cuz i didnt play it much, lovely guitar though
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Yeah, meant a 81-7. My bad. Also planning on a 707 combo, but I hear that the 81 and 85 7s combos sound better on mahogany.

In other news, the guitar will arrive in a few days.