I am currently looking for a drummer who is interested in starting an extreme metal band with a genre floating around death metal, groove metal, melodic death, maybe some progressive elements, and has a sound which includes ambient and symphonic elements, melodic middle eastern and east Asian influenced solos, and conceptual lyrics centering around Japanese ghostlore, world mythology and concepts related to east Asian religions like Hinduism. But really I want make some music that is heavy as ****, super headbangable but not a complete mess to the ears. I want the band to have a crushing stage presence and sound that literally just destroys venues.

Requirements: someone who loves blast beating, playing at high tempos, extensively using double bass and likes to head bang.

Other things: I'm looking for someone who is similar in situation to me meaning completely serious and dedicated, mature, laid back, pro-gear, vehicle, job and or money to contribute to band expenses. Desire to play shows and tour. Has experience playing in a band and is around my age (I am 25 years old). I don't smoke bud, I do drink, really don't care if you do either as long as you can function.

The current melodic death metal band I play in has a practice space at Studio Seven which we could use to jam while getting this thing started. Later down the road we have a nice van and trailer we could potentially use if I can convince my keyboardist to join this project (which I'm sure i could). So a lot of the big band stuff could potentially be taken care of..

If this interests you please go listen to some tracks I've recorded here:

I have 3 tracks uploaded and 3 more recorded. None of them have vocals though I would like to play guitar and growl over these (or at least do back up vocals).

My main concern is finding a drummer right now since I know quite a few people who cover all the other instruments but if you are a Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist or Vocalist and you think this sounds like a ****ing rad project, please message me here on UG.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. some (but not all) bands I dig: Behemoth, Gojira, Nile, Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arkaik, Cattle Decapitation, Gorod, Obscura, Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, etc.