Ok so I am trying to play Break the Glass by the Suicide Machines on the bass. But the only problem is that I just cant get the verse down no matter how hard I try. Yes I've tried slowing it down. Is there any kind of systematic way I can get it down over a course of time or something I just don't know how to attack this.
Play something else. Then after a week or two try to play the song again. Sometimes it works and at least it makes you forget the frustration with the song.
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I'm afraid the answer is really quite simple, although it may now be the one you're looking to hear.

How long have you been playing? The answer? Practice. You just have to keep working on it. It'll eventually come to you.
lol I've been playing for 9 months so I guess not that long. Should I practice that part of the song every day or just completely move to a different song right now lol?
Try working on some other stuff for a while and revisit it. Something new and fresh could be a breath of fresh air and you could put it on the back burner for a little. So try working on some other stuff that interest you and go from there.

When I first started playing after a few months I tried learning ramble on by led Zeppelin and I couldnt get the chorus down to save my life. After a week or so of trying I moved on and revisited it a while down the road and come out on top.
You may be working on something that's too advanced for your level of playing. Don't get discouraged, though. Try working on something easier. As the others have suggested, take a break from this one for awhile. I remember having the same problem, when I started. I had songs that were simply too fast and I couldn't play them, no matter how hard tried. I called them "challenge songs." Here's what I did with them. Every month or two, I'd come back to them and try playing them again. Time and time again, I found they were still too hard. Eventually, my expertise grew to the level where I could actually play them and keep up. That was a huge motivation for me. Also, I realized if somebody else could play them, I'd eventually be able to, too.

Come back in a couple of years and let me know how well you can play that song. You'll eventually get it.