Evening EG.

So, I believe that I have a dead potentiometer (or at least nearly dead) on my old Ibanez. When I turn it down almost all the way, my guitar's volume takes a nose dive, almost as if I turned the volume knob down all the way. I can still hear it a bit through my amp when the tone knob is down all the way though.

I opened it up already to inspect the wiring and it looks fine. None of the connections were loose and there weren't any stray wires anywhere. Everything on the guitar is stock and it's a bit over 6 years old. Is it really just a dead pot or could it be something else?

If it helps any, the specific model is an Ibanez RG5EX1, it has an HSH configuration, 5 way switch, with only one volume and one tone knob.
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Might as well replace it if it's giving you problems.

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