You didn't make a single mistake, and I won't accept a single word about fate
Since that day no single thing has been the same in my life, or what of it remains
Words carry no weight, no matter their intent
Their will is wasted, because my will is spent
And I live behind a wall, and nothing passes through
But just like every rule the exception is you

Weather the storm, I swear that I tried, but the flood's too great, and I'm stuck in the tide
Now that the world's reduced to colors and sounds I count the minutes until the sun goes down
I won't move forward, there's no way to go back
There might be a light but I've adjusted to black
And memories past can't offer anything new
But just like every rule the exception is you

My heart is racing because I'm here with you tonight
I look into your eyes and everything's alright
You are the world to me, and I want you to know
No matter what happens, I'll never let you go

Our trysts are all I have, goodbye's always so rough
Our hours feel like days, but never like enough
I'll meet you again tomorrow, it doesn't matter where
Choose any place at all and I'll be there
The siren screams, seems I have to leave
The earth retreats beneath our feet
The lines blur, the last lights fade
The end and start of one more day

I'll never let you go...

-To hear Echoes go to www.soundcloud.com/shadowtagsc/echoes , Can you figure out the meaning? I'll post the solution later tonight if no one gets it.
It's about a man who's wife dies, and he can only see her in his dreams. So each day he prefers to sleep rather than be awake. Leading him to cut off the real world while awake. Did anyone catch the hints? Based on a true story.
Our bassist John wrote it, but I post on here on behalf of the band. I wanted some feedback as I feel lyrically it's one of our strongest songs. A lot of people think it's a lovey dubby song with a depressing mood, when actually it's a deep and depressing song in general.
Yea, I got the meaning before reading your second post, and I like it a lot. What genre band are you guys?