Ok so I haven't spent very much time on here these past few years, but recently I released a stoner metal album that I've been trying to promote and figured I'd pay UG a visit. If you dig Electric Wizard, Kyuss, or Bongripper-esque stuff, feel free to check this out. The whole album is streaming at sekhet.bandcamp.com

and/or like us on facebook- facebook.com/sekhetmetal

You guys sound like early Monster Magnet. "Sands" is absolutely crushing. Love the quiet break in that song around the 5 minute mark too. I'm not usually one for longer songs in the 8-10 minute range, unless the band keeps it interesting and changes things up. You guys are succeeding in doing that. There are some moments here and there, in the beginning of "Consumed" for example, that you might want to tighten up, all the instruments don't seem entirely together. Other than that, pretty groovy. Gave you a like on facebook, if you ever come to north Jersey I'd definitely come to a show.