I bought a Peavey Classic 30 a few years ago - which I love, for what it's worth - but it's been quite a while. It doesn't get gigged often at all, maybe a couple times a year, more just in-home use and gigging when all my buddies are in town.

It is about time to change the tubes out in it, though I am not very well educated on the different kinds of tubes. I would like some that (if possible) are more suited for playing lots of distorted blues, rock and the occasional hard rock. I play mostly a fender MIA strat with the stock fat 50's (its a 2012 so they came with it, love those as well). Any suggestions on a good set of tubes that might do well for what I'm looking for?

I like playing clean every now and then, but I mostly play at least a little distorted, lots of SRV-type songs/style.

Edit: to clarify, my main concern, if it is possible, is to have a great distorted blues sound from my strat, the rest isn't as crucial.
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Get a Mullard 12ax7 for V1 and JJ ecc83 for the rest of the pre-amp.
JJ EL84 are pretty good and so are the new Mullard EL84. I would not get any other modern el84 brand
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