Aaaand 10 seconds in this is already a happy marriage of guitars and synths. I generally tend more towards dark and eerie sounds than this song's whimsical upbeatedness but nonetheless it's really catchy, it takes a nice turn towards all out heaviness during the solo but the transition back out into the main melody is done very tastefully. I think the only constructive thing I can add would be a matter of taste, I think more synths playing counterpoint melodies would have added something to it but I'm guessing you considered that yourself. Either way, really nice sounding song with the leads a particular highlight.

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Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback.

I listened to your song and really like it. I thought the production was excellent, and the song overall was very cohesive. I know the rhythm guitars were done the way they were for a reason, but honestly I thought they lacked just a bit of definition. Towards the end of the song they sounded almost a bit static-y which I thought took away more than it added. Just my opinion though. Other than that, I really dug the sort of open, spacey vibe of it. Really cool!