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I have been playing guitar for 3 years now, and now that I'm past the beginning stages of guitar I'm interested in learning drums. My local music store has what appears to be a vintage ludwig drum set; a bass, snare, and three toms for $350. They have metal ludwig emblems on them and are in Ludwig's blue oyster pearl color scheme. When I searched on ebay for a similar kit, it came up with an identical set for $1,100.

Picture of the emblem:


Ebay listing:


How can I tell if the kit at the music store is the same as the one on ebay? Does the logo on the ones at the music store mean its vintage?

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I cant really help you here as I am not an antique drum, or Ludwig, expert. The advice I will give you is to go the Drummerworld forum and ask them. There is a guy on there who owns somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 Ludwig kits, he will definintely be able to help you out.

In your case, pick up a set of drums that sound good to you and are pleasing to the eye. Getting a good deal is one thing, but getting a kit that will inspire you to play is far more important.
Hii.... i m also learning to play drums..plz give me some tips...
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As a drummer, I'd buy the thing, for two and a half reasons:

1. It's just $350, which is good if you're a beginner.

2. It's Ludwig's! Unless the thing is damaged, it will not sound bad even if it's an entry level set.

2 1/2. No drumset really sounds bad. The reason why they do is that the owners don't know how to make them sound good.

You see, drums need to be tuned too, and even though out of tune drums don't sound as bad as out of tune guitars, they do sound way worse than how they could.

So, get the drumset and learn how to tune a drum kit - google is your friends, and there are a lot of youtube videos about how to do that too.

If you happen to like playing drums then, instead of expanding your set buy a set of brand new heads.

Heads are more or less like strings: you can play with old ones on your instrument, but new ones will sound better, feel better, and detune less.
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