So I have EMG 81/85 Active pick ups, and i'm using a Digitech RP50 as a noise gate.
Does anyone know which threshold is best for these pick ups?

I've pretty much tried them all, and some work, some don't. Right now i'm using autoswell 7 (lucky number lol) But i'm not sure which threshold (91-99) would be best.
Should I go for one of those or an autoswell? And which one if you have experience with it?
Adjust it by ear. Maybe someone with that pedal can give you general advice (or consult the manual) but we can't know what settings will work best for each individual circumstance.

On top of that - you really shouldn't need a noise gate between a set of EMGs and an amp. If anything you'd want a noise gate after the preamp, or after any pedals you have. But EMGs are very quiet, if you're getting noise they are almost certainly not the culprit. Could be your cable, or too much gain on your amp, or a bunch of different things. If it were me, I would just ditch the Digitech entirely if you're just using it as a noise gate between guitar and amp.
Well I have a MXR Smart Gate and I set it so it just stops 99% of the squealing I get from using other pedals. I set the threshold as low as I can to just kill the hum when not playing.
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The general rule would be setting it up this way:

- Plug in your guitar and don't play anything
- Turn on all the effect pedals that don't lower the volume
- Set the threshold as low as possible but as high that you don't hear any noise

Then raise it if you want something tighter.
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Set the pedal after your main noise maker, be it distortion pedal or preamp circuit of your amp (meaning the FX loop if it has one), and set the Threshold so that it kills the noise when you are not playing.

Its not rocket science, you will find the sweet spot. Just try playing a chord and let it ring out and listen when the noise gate starts to fight against your sound. Its up to you how aggressive you want it to be and at what point it cuts out.

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